Personal Injury Lawyers in Maple Ridge

Located to the northeast of Metro Vancouver area, the city of Maple Ridge is located between the Fraser River and the Golden Ears, a group of mountains with mesmerizing summits. One can say that Maple Ridge is a newer city and it became a part of a district municipality back in 1874. The city started with 50 families and since then has grown dramatically. The number of both residents and business continues to grow rapidly. Our privately-owned law firm has opened an office to help people win their ICBC cases.

In our Maple Ridge office, we handle a number of personal injury claims that otherwise will not get either proper court strategy for winning or will not get decent compensation. We always remind potential customers that they do not have to pay a dime until their claim is solved and granted with satisfiable and final court decision.

Aside from handling injury claims, our personal injury lawyers
also help in disputing ICBC’s decision on vehicle repairs. Unfortunately, many victims of accidents have to deal with the principal disputes in regards to their vehicle repairs. These may include:
⦁ Non-agreeable fair market value for vehicle repairs between a client and ICBC
⦁ A disagree on the type of repairs to be made on the vehicle to make it look the way it was before the accident happened
⦁ A fair market price if a vehicle is a “write-off”

Our team of dedicated lawyers, who have years of experience, will help you to negotiate the highest compensation that you deserve if you have become a victim of a car accident. We will also make sure that you obtain the fairest value for repairs of your vehicle.