Brain Injury Lawyers

One of the most serious cases includes a brain injury. A horrifying experience, a brain injury is a devastating, most confusing and depressing types of a physical trauma. The injury comes from a hard hit to the head or scull penetration. The symptoms appear to be complicated and it is hard to seek support from the loved ones as it affects many aspects of a person.

1. Physical problems include seizures, movement deficiency, headaches, migraine pains, dizziness, nausea, balance, coordination failure, etc.
2. Cognitive changes – are lack of attention, complete or partial memory loss, inability to problem solving or basic reasoning, etc.
3. Behavioral problems – include a state of uncontrolled anxiety, constant stress, non-stopping depression, acute agitation, severe mood swings, problems with impulse control, etc.
4. Communication issues – are inability to understand basic language (either spoken or written), slurred smothered speech, communication comprehension problems.

When it comes to brain injury, dealing with Canadian law is a tough assignment. All brain injured victims should know their rights, defined by a Canadian law. They include:
The right to get legal representation that will help a successful brain injury claim.
The right to apply for benefits to long-term disability.
The right to negotiate the settlement agreement, received by the court.

Our professional lawyers will provide a substantial assistance to file all documents within the statute limitations. In British Columbia, you can do that within two years unless the mitigating circumstances are applicable. We will carry the burden of all documentation. We will make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the outcome. Otherwise, there may be filed an appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.