Clinical Negligence claims in Canada

It’s not so uncommon that a patient would suffer from medical malpractice. In fact, these incidences have been on the rise over the past years. The malpractice may be a result of medical practitioners offering sub-standard care, negligence, accidents or even errors. The effects resulting from medical professional abuse extends from mild to adverse health damage. This is therefore calls for compensation. Ones health is one delicate factor that must be handled with great care and concern. The medical practitioner who risks the health of a patient must be held accountable.

medical neglegency claim

Medical malpractice can be devastating to the victim. This devastation ranges from psychological, physical and mental to financial strains. This is just to name a few. Physically, the victim can suffer from physical scars, physical disability and vulnerability. However, the effects can stretch far much to psychological trauma. This is due to stress and difficulty in acceptance of the new self. It can also be socially in that the victim suffers from isolated. Psychological trauma can also lead to one completely loosing trust in medical practitioners.

All the above effects and devastations calls for a reasonable compensation. It requires the victim to file a claim. How best this claim can be filed and the fairness the compensation should be, is put into consideration. This is the reason as to why several bodies or organizations have come up to be on the front line to fight for the rights of these victims. What the victim does is to contact the organization, immediately they discover the side effects of the malpractice. Unfortunately, some victims fail to notice these side effects until it is too late. This is due to the variation of the side effects from one patient to another.

Organizations such as national helpline of the UK and Simien & Simien among others help the victims to file a claim. The lawyers in these organizations are well equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise. It is required that before a victim files a claim, they must prove the negligence of the medical practitioner. This involves expert testimony in terms of witnesses, and research discovery. It is a task that requires time. After compiling the evidence, then the victim can meet the lawyers or attorney from the medical negligence claim firms. Here the patient must provide documentation like medical receipts, photos of the injuries, information in regard to the victim’s diagnosis just to name a few.

The expert witness required above is usually a medical professional and in most cases is summoned upon by the attorney. The witness’ business is to analyze the victim’s claim from the medical perspective. This aids in proving the medical negligence. The attorney then takes the initiative of representing the plaintiff in the court of law. Though some damages such as scars, psychological trauma can never be compensated fully, there is still a sense of satisfaction after the damage is compensated. It also gives a lesson to the defendant and other medical practitioners as whole.

The aspect of time in filing a claim is a very vital aspect to put into consideration. This, however, varies from nation to nation. It is therefore prudent for the plaintiff to consult with their attorneys to know the time limit of filing a claim case.