Claims Process: How to Start Resolving Matters?

1. Start with being PREPARED at the Scene of the Accident

a) stay focused and gather information about other automobiles and people involved
b) memorize or write down immediately the circumstances of the accident (short term memory lasts will not lasts for long – some details will start deteriorating as you recover from the initial shock)
c) immediately gather witnesses
d) never escape from the accidents’ scene as you will be found.

2. Report Your Accident to ICBC

a) According to the law, you are obligated to report your accident to ICBC (the sooner the better);
b) if there is a claim, it should be reported within 24h;
c) call DIAL A CLAIM:
1) 604-520-8222 for Lower Mainland
2) 1-800-910-4222 around or outside B.C. province.
d) after the claim is reported, an adjuster and a claim number will be assigned (you are obligated to keep this information)
e) ICBC will ask for a statement with details of an accident. Also, you should inform about any injuries along with your current employment and other activities.

You can either give the statement yourself to the adjuster or Contact our

Personal Injury Lawyers to write a statement for you.

In addition, you may be required but not obligated to sign certain forms for the release your personal medical and employment information. You have a choice of doing it yourself or contacting our lawyers to do that for you. We remind you that you are not obligated to provide all of the private details. If you have any concerns about the documents you are asked to sign or provide, consult our personal injury attorney.

Unfortunately, you have very limited amount of time to:

a) Report your accident
b) File a personal injury claim

that’s why we strongly suggest to call us immediately to start processing your claim and obtain the best financial settlement along with other payment reimbursements that you are entitled to.


a) It is crucial to consult with your family doctor without delay
b) Your doctor will record your physical injuries and he will access your emotional and psychological damage.
c) A thorough documentation should be made and then you will be treated.
d) All medical advices should be carefully followed for prompt recovery from the personal injury.
e) Only some of your medical expenses will be covered by ICBC, regardless of the blame for the accident. (Usually, this gets quite technical.)
f) If you get help from our law firm in Burnaby, BC, our lawyer will get you immediate payment for majority of your expenses that are directly associated with your current injury from the accident.


a) Remember, some claims get instant results if you get an expert lawyer.
Aside from getting basic understanding about the process and your personal options, you get instant help with communicating to your ICBC adjuster.
b) The lawyer is responsible for coordination of the medical information flow and handling numerous paperwork, associated with a personal injury claim.
c) If you get help from our personal injury lawyers, you will obtain instant payments on disability along with prompt medical coverage and rehabilitation benefits that will dramatically relieve your ongoing financial concerns.
d) Trusting a person, who you deliver your injury case to, is vital in the process. We guarantee to do the best job. By giving us to handle your claim, you place confidence in us and we greatly appreciate that!
e) Schedule your free first consultation now!


a) ICBC, the shark of the industry, may choose to table a settlement offer directly to you. In return, you are asked to sign a release form.
b) If you find yourself not sure and you do not know exactly if the amount of money offered is reasonable, immediately contact personal injury lawyers that you trust for a second opinion.
c) When an offer from ICBC is accepted and release forms are signed, no additional compensation for the accident injuries can be asked.
d) In the long run, your injuries can resurface if your recovery has not been managed properly, but you will not get reimbursed for that.
e) However, in any case, we strongly suggest your contact us to get the best advice on existing laws along with your options and capabilities. Your lawyer will help you to make a decision on the best course of actions.

6. Starting a Legal Action

The first and by far the basic step is to launch a legal proceeding. This step may lead to a trial as a part of initiating an “action”. Keep in mind that if you have started an action, it doesn’t necessarily means that you will have to face and go through a trial. To tell you the truth, the majority of actions are known to be settled before and an actual trial in court. To start an action, prepare and file court related documentation. This should be done in accordance with the limitation period expiration date. Usually, your lawyer will be responsible for preparation of all documents to ensure it fully complies with the court requirements and attributes to all time limits.

7. Examination for Discovery

Examination for Discovery is a type of a formal judicial out-of-court review that aims to allow each party to “discover” or get to know the other party’s case. Every side has a right to ask multiple questions that are limited and bound to the certain circumstances of the accident. In addition, the extent of the injuries is being carefully reviewed. Other parties must provide relevant answers under the oath. A court reporter meticulously records both the questions and answers for court protocol. The entire procedure has a goal of enabling each side of the dispute to find our the information related to the case the other party has. For each answer, a formal assessment of credibility is made to determine the most convincing evidence or witness at the trial.

8. Getting Help from the Experts

Whenever the case involves serious injuries, the parties acquire help from the experts, meaning they retain expertise in medical, engineering, vocational and other related to the matter fields in or order to find a sufficient support for their claim. At the same time, the party work on preparing a gross financial report to account all losses a client has suffered. These details may include suffering from the lost salaries, probably future income losses, giving up pension benefits, possible future costs of the medical treatments, etc.

9. Going to Trial & Judgment

Every day thousands of claims are being settled around Greater Vancouver area. In case, if a client finds the initial settlement from ICBC reasonable and satisfying, he or she proceeds to a trial. The judge along with a jury will make a final decision, a judgment on the claim. However, very little number of claims make to the trial stage as they are considered to be both risky and expensive.

That’s why an alternative to trial has been introduced, which is a mediation. A mediation is usually is introduced with a representation of a mediator, an independent individual. The mediator’s initial role is to reach a satisfying settlement for both parties. In many cases, ICBC or clients request both parties to go through the mediation. Yet, not many people are aware of the fact that they are not obligated to settle at the mediation as they still have strong chances of getting the compensation that they want.

This is where our professional law firm comes in to help you understand the following facts:


    • when to initiate the “action”


  • how to prepare the best strategy



  • how to win in court!


10. What to Do?

Having over 10 years of extended experience in dealing with a different number of claims in courts of Greater Vancouver (Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Langley, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody), our company’s personal injury lawyers know exactly how to handle your case. We strongly suggest, do not hesitate and call us now to submit your inquiry. We assure you that you will get the best settlement you have ever hoped for!