Psychological Damage Lawyers

Oftentimes, injury claim victims suffer from a prolonged psychological shock and emotional damage because of what they have to go through both physically and mentally. Psychological damage may not be obvious at first, but the human consciousness will rise up, requiring a healing. Although it is by far harder to identify, an emotional problems usually are a compound of a physical injury. Usually, psychological difficulties are hard to discuss, yet they have a major impact on the victim’s life and successful health recovery. The following are the examples of the symptoms:

1. PTSD – include repeating memories of the accident that are distressing and traumatizing. Otherwise, it can be the avoidance of thinking, talking or “reliving” the accident. Meaning, a victim is blocking the healing affect as the psyche is doing everything to recover.
2. Anxiety – is a recurring state of panic, elevated breathing, acute feelings of fear and unease that is accompanied with lack of sleep, irregular heart beating (arrhythmia), and sensations of partial numbness, stinging or tingling.
3. Depression – complete or partial loss of interest to life and work activities, energy drainage and deprivation, self-loathing, being disorganized and reckless and severe mood swings.

To deal with psychological damage properly, our law firm will make sure that you get a decent out-of-court settlement for your personal injury claim.